Collection: Art Deco Period: 1920-1935

The Art Deco period, emerging post- First World War, ushered in a dramatic shift in women's fashion, leaning towards simplicity, elegance, and practicality. This style evolution enabled women to engage in activities traditionally reserved for men.

This era aligned with the advent of modern industrial techniques, which paved the way for innovative developments in jewellery, such as cultured pearls, gemstone mosaics, lacquer, and invisible settings utilizing calibre cut stones. The flowing lines and animal motifs typical of the Art Nouveau movement gave way to a distinctly crisp, rigid, and geometric design approach.

The Art Deco era was also significantly influenced by global cultures, resulting in the introduction of new jewellery trends. These ranged from ancient Egyptian motifs to the incorporation of vibrant, exotic materials such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, and agate.

The Art Deco era was renowned for its bold, streamlined designs that embodied the spirit of progress and modernity of the time. Buildings, furniture, cars, and of course, jewellery, all carried hallmarks of this design ethos, characterized by an emphasis on vertical lines and geometric forms.

Famous for its glamour, luxury, and exuberance, Art Deco embraced both the machine age and ancient cultures, often marrying new materials like plastics and chrome with traditional ones like gold and precious gemstones. Prominent jewellers of the time, such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, epitomised these stylistic shifts in their works, contributing to the timeless allure of Art Deco jewellery.