Collection: Mid-Century (1950s)

The 1950s marked a period of rising spirits as the shadow of the war years gradually receded, despite the slow resurgence of prosperity. Both women's fashion and jewellery transitioned towards a lighter tone, while maintaining the more substantial, vivid, and bold styles that defined the pre-war era.

Designs from the 1950s mirrored the burgeoning upper-middle class and the re-emergence of luxury materials such as platinum and diamonds.

For those who had the means, large, colourful gemstones encircled by diamonds, and lengthy strands of genuine pearls, became popular choices. At the same time, costume jewellery evolved in sophistication to cater to mass demand, to the extent that distinguishing imitation pieces became challenging.

This era was a time of glamour and optimism, and jewellery of the time often reflected this. The 'cocktail' style of jewellery, featuring oversized, eye-catching gemstones, became particularly popular as a symbol of wealth and status. This period also saw an emphasis on Hollywood glamour, with film stars often influencing fashion and jewellery trends. Notably, this was also a time when jewellery began to be marketed more widely as a symbol of personal expression and style, rather than simply a display of wealth or social status.