Our Guarantee

Ellison Davies Vintage & Antique Jewellery

Our Quality Commitment

Ellison Davies Vintage & Antique Jewellery prides itself on the collection we have cultivated since our founding in 2014. We firmly believe in providing our customers with the crème de la crème of antique jewellery from all eras. We guarantee authenticity in all our pieces, strictly keeping our collection free from reproductions. Each item, unless explicitly stated, is in pristine condition and devoid of enhancements, maintaining 100% originality.

The Rarity of Our Collection

As antique jewellery is a finite resource, finding truly remarkable pieces is increasingly challenging. Our dedicated team tirelessly searches far and wide to discover the rare and the unique. Despite many weeks of fruitless expeditions, the items that eventually adorn our collection are indeed the very best - the rarities that embody the quintessence of antique craftsmanship.

Rare Antique Jewellery
Trevor Ellis

Our Expertise

With over four decades of experience in the jewellery trade, our founder Trevor Ellis is a renowned authority on antique jewellery in the UK. His discerning eye and unrivaled expertise provide him unparalleled access to the finest pieces in the market. As members of Cinoa and Lapada, the leading associations for art and antiques dealers worldwide, we uphold a mark of quality, expertise, and integrity.

Peace of Mind and Personal Touch

We understand that investing in a piece of antique jewellery is a significant decision. At Ellison Davies, we value our customers' peace of mind above all. We ensure a culture of trust and decency, offering a 30-day full money-back guarantee for any customer unhappy with their purchase.

Our aim is to make the process of finding the perfect piece a joyous and enlightening experience. We're here to provide impartial expert advice and offer a helping hand. Building lasting relationships is far more important to us than a quick sale.

Peace of Mind and Personal Touch