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Ellison Davies

Garnet & Seed Pearl Antique Design Earrings | Silver

Garnet & Seed Pearl Antique Design Earrings | Silver

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Introducing our exquisite Garnet & Seed Pearl Antique Design Earrings, crafted in sterling silver. These earrings beautifully capture the influence of High Victorian design, showcasing intricate details and a harmonious combination of gemstones.

The earrings feature clusters of lustrous Seed Pearls and rich Garnets, creating a captivating visual display. The clusters are elegantly suspended, with round Freshwater Cultured Pearls serving as delicate droppers, adding movement and enhancing the overall allure of the design.

With a diameter of 17 x 9.5mm, these earrings strike the perfect balance between boldness and delicacy. They exude a timeless charm that harks back to the Victorian era, making them a stunning choice for those who appreciate vintage-inspired aesthetics.

Indulge in the elegance and sophistication of our Garnet & Seed Pearl Antique Design Earrings. Crafted in sterling silver, they are a true testament to the beauty of Victorian design and will add a touch of timeless glamour to your ensemble.

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