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Ellison Davies

Victorian Silver Locket And Chain

Victorian Silver Locket And Chain

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Introducing our stunning Victorian Silver Locket and Chain, a remarkable antique piece that showcases intricate craftsmanship and timeless beauty. This large oval locket features a hand-engraved foliate motif surrounded by a scalloped inner border, creating a captivating design. The front of the locket also features a herringbone-style outer border, adding an extra touch of detail.

Turning the locket over, you will find a foliate and pointed strapwork motif along with the inscription "NJ 1884," providing a personal and historical touch to the piece.

Opening the locket reveals an inner photograph compartment with loose red silk backing, allowing you to hold cherished memories close to your heart. The large locket measures 57.5mm x 35mm, making it a substantial and eye-catching piece.

Although unmarked, the locket has been tested and confirms its composition as silver, reflecting the quality and authenticity of the piece.

The locket is suspended from a faceted ovoid link chain, measuring 5.3mm wide and 44cm (17 inches) in length. It is secured with a 14.75mm diameter bolt ring fastener, ensuring easy and secure wearing.

With a total weight of 34.7 grams, this Victorian Silver Locket and Chain is a statement piece that embodies the charm and elegance of the era.

Indulge in the allure and history of our Victorian Silver Locket and Chain. It is a treasure that allows you to carry precious memories and adds a touch of vintage sophistication to any outfit. Let this remarkable piece become a cherished heirloom, connecting you to the past and adding a touch of timeless beauty to your jewellery collection.

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